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About Me

Hi there, My name is Alexander James Dean Lamb and for the past 13 years I have been studying
how to build websites from my bedroom. I have no formal computing education but if you ask me questions
relating to the industry it won't take you long to realise that my efforts have not been wasted.

In this time I have learned how to create Static and Dynamic websites using these languages below:

HTML5, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, PHP, MySQL and Python

I also understand the libraries behind Javascript and jQuery such as: ReactJS, AngularJS, VueJS, Ember,
Redux, NodeJS and many more.

When hiring me to take on a web project for yourself or your company you can expect a higher rate of
interest on the web as I personally add 50 free backlinks for every 60+ hour project.
This allows you to rank on Google from the day your website goes live giving you the best possible
chance of picking up new business through major search engines.

I put my best efforts into making your User Interface & User Experience second to none giving off
the most professional look of your business online.

For a chance to see projects that I've worked on with their prices please see below

What else do I do?

Let me explain...

Video Editing for Gameplay but have worked on stop-motion, actioncam & drone footage.

Music production for videos such as ads, loops, music beds & film scores

Gaming is something I love to do in my spare time, some of my antics are captured here.

Web hosting is a relatively new service I offer, special packages can be found on this page


Below you can see a list of previous work.


I have worked alongside these companies in relation to development or events services


Website Development
From £600

Minimum recommended 60 hour project, allowing for responsive development of a stunning website for your business.

This package allows for up to 4 free revisions of pages on your website, mobile design, HTML5 & CSS3 bespoke design and development!

Graphic, UI & UX Design
From £50

For any image editing, logo creation, chroma keying and more!

This package allows for 5 images to either be created or manipulated, meaning I can create 5 logos for your website, create UI/UX elements or photoshop your models/products!

Search Engine Optimisation
From £100

For ranking you higher within major search engines

This package allows for 25 keywords generated towards 33 manually created backlinks. This links will come from social media entities such as facebook, twitter, instagram and others if you don't already have these set up!

Online Advertising
From £100

Google Adwords Campaigns with Analytic reports

This package allows for the creation of a Google Adwords account that is maintained and reported upon by myself. Popularity of ads is dependant on your industry so talk to me if you're unsure!

Video Editing
From £100

Video editing for Private & Public use

This package allows 10 hours of video editing. Captured some amazing footage from a company conference? Maybe just some footage of you skateboarding or even gaming? submit it to me and I'll turn it into a small movie!

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