AlexJamesDean Funding

Why do I need funding?

On 20th July 2020 at around 8pm my stomach felt like it dropped inside of me, since this day I have had symptoms of a larger issue.
In the early days of my illness it wasn't too bad and I could still live a somewhat normal life, I would go for walks with my girlfriend up to 4 times per week,
Go on dates, Look for work, and I won't lie, I was enjoying the peace COVID had brought me after 4 straight years of work both in the events industry and the
fast paced mayhem of McDonald's for a very brief stint in 2016.

While COVID had shut down the events industry I was busy believing when it was all over I'd get my job back, and I have been offered it back since, however
My health has deteriorated to the point where work like that is no longer an option for me as I am no longer able to complete 90% of outdoor tasks and I have all
but lost the ability to focus for long periods of time which doesn't help in the health and safety aspect of events, especially not when people often entrusted
me with their items, pets and children to look after briefly whilst on events.

For these reasons whenever I've been offered my job back in events I've had to decline despite it being one of my favourite jobs in the world alongside coding.

The Nitty Gritty

So at this point I have been sick for coming up on four years and there are four main reasons why nothing has been done about my health:

  1. Covid made it extremely difficult to get an initial appointment with my terribly run GP surgery.
  2. The hospital misdiagnosed me twice.
  3. I have refused tests and treatments for my health due to not being pre-assessed properly for these things.
  4. Universal credit messing with my payments so that I couldn't afford prescriptions or make it to appointments

I realise this is little to do with everyone else and a lot to do with me however I am about to Lose Access to All Benefits.
Some of you may remember I used to stream gambling on a regular basis during COVID and it was an entertaining stream.. me and my followers had fun.
Over this time I learned of casino promotions that would give me free spins almost every night on my favourite sites and I used to complete this off stream.
However, 2 years on from these streams and I'm still doing these promotions, some months winning nothing and sometimes getting up to £50 and usually losing it again.

Universal credit have asked me for 4 months of bank statements and due to the gambling funds going through my account seem to believe I am earning money elsewhere.
This all comes after they sanctioned me for 3 months due to missing two over the phone appointments in which even with the correct information they called my old phone instead.
Only when I kicked up a stink about all this and my unfair treatment since my claim began (as I am only on UC and not on disability benefits nor have I ever been)
they started to question my claim more and put it into review.

The reason for this page:

I want to emphasize I do not want donations unless you truly are unable to think of how I can help you and you want to help me.

I want to work for and earn my funding, as although I'm disabled I need to keep my skills sharp and work like everyone else is expected to, just from home.

I am trying to raise money to both survive, thrive and get myself working again, online at the very least.
I'm not completely useless, I have been a website developer for 17 years and a digital production specialist for coming up on 8 years now.
With my skills I can accomplish 95% of online tasks required of me (they might just take a little longer in some cases as my health often distracts me)

How much?

Some would say too much, I am aiming to raise/earn £25,000.

This specific price point is based on 2 things:

  1. The cost of a 'Cosmetic Surgery' for Crohn's Disease negating the need for a colostomy bag.
  2. Double this amount to allow me to survive on £12,500 while saving up for the surgery.

Any service ordered from this website entirely, no matter which page will be supporting me on this journey and will be displayed on a bar below my main pages call to action,
even if the site changes this will remain until the goal is hit or the website goes offline for one of many reasons.

If you made it this far thank you for reading through my issues and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,
Alexander Lamb