I'm AlexJamesDean

Since 2004 I have been using computers for creating online games, websites, video content and music!

From the minute my hands first touched a keyboard and mouse I knew that it would be my lifes mission to understand everything there was to know about the internet and wonderful tools it was built upon.
I have spent the last 18 years learning everything I can. I developed a love for online gaming which led me to develop my first websites at age 13, one being a forum where you could share game glitches and
another for an online game that I recreated with a small team of friends.

From there I began to play games on console which led me to wishing to share my gameplay and storytelling with YouTube, in 2007 I created my very first YouTube account and started uploading.
I won't lie I didn't ever really get many views to start off with but when I started making video advertisements the views started to flood in.
I have uploaded a total of 348 videos since then and have also worked commercially at live events with the skills I picked up along the way.

From 2013 I picked up website design and although I had to write a whole bunch of code, as much as I understand it I was always more interested in the design aspect of things.
The ability to draw people in with flashy graphics whether it be a lovely logo, a flashy animated gif set or even banner ads gives me a lot more of a passionate creative feeling and allows me to
express myself as a professional.

I worked for some very large companies whilst within live events, to name a few:
ASOS, Nestle, Barclays, Channel4 and Netflix